This Adjustable Boring Head is for use on the our mill and allows you to bore holes from approx. 3/8" to 1 1/2".
  The Boring head has a 3/8" shank & comes with 2 boring Bars as shown below.
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The 1045ER 3/4-16 Spindle Adapter      Collets shown are sold separately.

   This adapter screws on the 3/4-16 spindle nose of our standard lathe headstock. 
   Now you can use the ER collet system with your TAIG LATHE.
   Also, the TAIG MILLS that came with  standard headstocks can have quick change tooling
   as shown below by using multiple adapters.

   Those of you that have the ER spindle on your mill may wish to purchase a standard headstock
   for some quick change use.
   The runout of this adapter is about .0005" 
   However this will increase the longer you extend out of the adapter. KEEP IT SHORT !